Month of the Military Child

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April is the Month of the Military Child.

This is the specific time of year set aside to remind us how precious our children are and what an important role they play in our military community.

We often hear of the severe aftermath of war, including Combat Trauma.  Military life not only affects the warriors, but their families at home as well. What happens when the hero comes home?

You see, military families and children can suffer from secondary trauma defined as emotional duress resulting from hearing someone’s firsthand trauma experience. The symptoms of secondary traumatic stress can be so damaging they mimic those of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Military Ministry of Cru offers the hope of Jesus Christ to help these families. One example of how we bring His grace and comfort is through our “Bridges to Healing” resources, including our new children’s series.

These workbooks for varying ages

  • are faith based,
  • strive to help children understand the complexities of Combat Trauma and
  • provide strategies to help children begin to heal from the unseen wounds of war, both mentally and spiritually.

There is no denying that war and deployments can change a family, but it is our hope that through faith and community, military families become stronger.

For every $13 you give today, you will help provide support and resources like these for the military children and families we serve.

 As one military wife and mother said, “These books are an essential component to a military family’s library.”

Please give generously to support the children around the world battling through the stresses of military life.

Thank you, in advance, for blessing our military.  Your dedication is how we bring hope and resources to our military worldwide!  I am grateful for you, your gifts and your prayers!

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