Give Local 757! Extended to Midnight May 4!!!

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Be a part of the largest fundraising event in Hampton Roads! 

Give Local 757 brings together our community to raise funds for local nonprofits and to increase awareness for their causes. On May 4, 2015 the event raised give1$430,000 in just 24 hours for 155 local nonprofits. They received donations from every state in the country and from as far away as Hong Kong.  On May 3, 2016, their goal is to raise $1,000,000 for 200 Hampton Roads nonprofits and CRU MILITARY IS ONE OF THEM!

How it works…

For 24 hours, beginning at midnight on May 3rd…..NOW EXTENDED to midnight MAY 4……everyone can be a philanthropist by donating online or at any Langley Federal Credit Union branch to registered Give Local 757 nonprofits. Donations will be amplified with $45,000 in prizes!

The Military Ministry of Cru helps support the U.S. and International military communities as well as those individuals and organizations who want to bring HOPE to the military members and their families. From the Hampton Roads area we assist the following: U.S. Active Duty Military, Guard, Reserves and their families; International Military (in 26 nations) and their families; Building Strong marriages and families; Service Academies (cadets and midshipmen); Recruits in basic training; Combat trauma & PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Sufferers; Veterans & Ret

Ways you can help on social media:

Social Media Challenges (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  1. “Selfless Selfie For Good” Challenge  $757 awarded to the nonprofit who receives the most unduplicated “Selfless Selfies for Good” on Social Media. Selfies are pictures recognizing the Give Local event. Posts must include your organization name, the hashtags #GiveLocal757, #GL757Selfie, and be posted on May 3rd to qualify.
  2. “Tag… You’re It” Challenge  $757 awarded to the nonprofit with the highest number of #givelocal757 tags on social media during the event. Posts must include your organization name and be posted on May 3rd to qualify.
  3. “I Give Local” Video Challenge Videos (15 seconds max) from a donor or board member that starts with the phrase: “I give local because…” and shared on social media will be entered into a drawing to win $757.  Your post must include your organization name, the hashtags #GiveLocal757 and #GL757Video and be posted on May 3rd to qualify. The higher number of videos posted, the higher chance of winning. 

 Here’s some ways our ministry could use the funding from givelocal757!

$600 would launch a small group that helps 10 military members experience life-changing discipleship
$1500 would enable us to sponsor an Art of Marriage seminar at a local church for strengthening 30 military marriages
$2500 would enable us to launch a ministry movement at a new training location or enable us to translate trauma resources into another language and provide hundreds of these materials to international soldiers serving in combat from Nigeria to Somalia to Ukraine and beyond
$5000 would enable us to host 200 pastors, chaplains, and volunteers to help mobilize teams to minister tot he military or enable us to mobilize and reach 50 military couples
$10,000 would enable us to honor and equip 125 military couples at a Weekend to Remember marriage event



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