Get to Know Joe

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Q: Tell us about your family. How did you meet your wife Lydia?

A: Lydia and I met at Augusta College in Augusta, GA. I was invited to join a group for lunch of which she was a part. The only available seat was next to her. It was love at first sight!

Q: What’s your favorite way to relax? Sports? Hobbies?

A: The best way for me to relax is to get alone with a book. I am currently reading Embers of War by Fredrik Logevall and Keeping the Heart by John Flavel. I try to keep a mix of spiritual and secular topics. I love geo-politics, and I am a subscriber to Foreign Affairs magazine. Reading is my favorite way to “disconnect.”

I also have a passion for flying, but I’m not able to do much of it anymore because of the expense. I am closing in on 4,000 flight hours. We’ll see if I make it!

Q: How did the Navy prepare you for your role with Cru Military?

A: I believe that my time in the Navy gave me a level of love for the military that I wouldn’t have otherwise. My grandfather fought in WWI and suffered lung damage from being gassed in the Battle of the Arden. My father was career Army and retired as a First Sergeant. My son served as a Sergeant in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. I believe that the sum total of all this has given me an appreciation of what our great men and women of the Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the world go through.

I believe I have been given perspective through all of these experiences. It is this perspective that fires my desire to see every man and woman of the global military community come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!