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Army Tablet Image2Stay spiritually fit and ready to serve by using Gloo, a mobile app designed with the military community in mind. We are helping the global military community grow and helping them help others grow through the technology they use everyday.

Are you in the military?

Grow in your faith and stay connected to those who want to support your spiritual journey by using this mobile app, which was designed with you in mind. (PS: Say “yes” to receiving notifications. It is easier to change it later if you say yes now.)

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Are you a family member or friend?

As family members and friends of those serving in the military, you can grow in your own faith and stay connected to your loved ones in the armed forces using a mobile app designed with the military community in mind – Gloo.

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Are you already using the Gloo app?

You can access your account by logging in here, whether you are using a mobile device or a desktop browser! (It works best with Chrome.)

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Introduce your friends to Gloo

Want to introduce your friends to the Cru Military Gloo App experience? Click the link below. You will be able to send an email invitation to your friends.

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