Looking for someone?

“Do you know of any Bible studies at Langley AFB?”

Cru Military staff, Nita Pride, received this email from a young Air Force officer. She didn’t know where to find a place where she, as an active duty military person, could be mentored, encouraged and trained.

Transience is one of the most common characteristics of military life. You go to boot camp in one place, advanced training in another and possibly further training at a third location. Then you are assigned to your first duty station. Two or three years later you are transferred to another duty station. And on and on and on.

How do you find a place where you can grow and minister as a Christian – over and over and over again? Many churches are recognizing this unique need for Christian military personnel. They want to be a church family for them, even if it is for a short time. Churches like these want to provide a place where the unique skills and talents of this extraordinary set of people can be utilized.

But how do these churches get the word out?

Many para-church ministries are actively reaching out to the men, women and families in the Armed Services. Many are focusing on veterans. How can they be found?


The Air Force officer who contacted Nita, found her using MilitaryFaith.com, a database developed in partnership with Cru Military, Officers’ Christian Fellowship, Cadence International and The Navigators. We think this is so important that this link is on our home page!

The question is:

Is your church or ministry in the database? Go to MilitaryFaith.com and apply. Military-friendly churches or organizations need to be approved or recommended by a staff member from one of the four partnering organizations… and need to verify their information every six months so that the database remains current.

The second question is:

Are you looking for a way to connect? Go to MilitaryFaith.com and start looking. Get connected. Be encouraged in your walk with Christ as you serve your country.

The last question is a statement.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, let us know.

God designed us to be in community. And whether you feel like it or not, you are NOT alone. Step out, look for other military believers or military-friendly churches and get connected.