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“The heartbeat of our ministry will always be to introduce the men and women of the military to Jesus Christ.” – Joe Ludwikowski

Our Call

At Cru Military, our purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning those in the military community to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith to spiritual fitness, and sending them equipped to win and build others in the Hope of Jesus Christ as they serve in our armed forces.

Our mission is to introduce young men and women to Jesus Christ as they face the pressures of military service and show them the Hope that is found in HIM alone. Together we can fulfill our goal of influencing the global military community so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. 

Why Online Ministry?

We know that the military is a transient community, often leading service members to feel lonely and isolated. Between the demands of duty stations and deployments, it can be difficult for service members to connect with others and grow in their faith. 

Enter MilitarySFRS – An online community where we seek to engage service members and help them become Spiritually Fit, Ready to Serve (SFRS). We seek to do this by providing a space to foster like-minded relationships, access to resources, and opportunities for service members to walk deeper with Christ. 

We are excited to have you exploring and considering joining us in our mission. To get to know where we stand as an organization, take a look at What We Believe.

As you serve:

  • You will see changed lives through the message of the gospel. We will provide training and support to help you gain confidence in sharing your testimony, presenting the gospel, and helping others grow and mature in their faith through discipleship.
  • You will connect with like-minded co-laborers to reach others for Christ. You will develop meaningful relationships with those in your ministry team, as well as with those you serve.
  • You will experience significant opportunities to advance God’s Kingdom with an eternal impact. We will help you to use your strengths, talents, and abilities to raise up Christ-centered multiplying disciples who are ready to begin a meaningful ministry of their own.

Online Volunteer Roles

Online Ambassador

An Ambassador supports the mission of the SFRS Webapp by regularly interacting with members through posts, comments, groups, and courses. Ambassadors can also help promote the SFRS Webapp by inviting those they know and occasionally sharing about the SFRS Webapp on their own platforms (as appropriate). Serving in this capacity can lead to further opportunities to serve on MilitarySFRS as a Mentor/Champion.

Online Moderator

A Moderator serves by helping to steer interactions on the SFRS Webapp. This will include monitoring comments and posts for any content that goes against the Terms of Use (profanity, unconstructive interactions, solicitation, linking of inappropriate websites, etc.). Such posts can either be deleted or edited with a message sent to the user and SFRS Coordinator about the action taken and the reason for it. Additionally, they should on occasion offer comments or questions that will help further discussion, connection, and growth for service members. Moderators will be tasked with a specific group, course, or topic to take ownership of.

For more information and to express your interest to be an online volunteer with Military SFRS and the Military Ministry of Cru, click the button below and complete our volunteer inquiry form.

Thank you!

Volunteer Inquiry Form

Online volunteers serve the specific ministry of Spiritually Fit – Ready to Serve (SFRS), as online Ambassadors and Moderators for (and the accompanying mobile app), and serve without compensation for services rendered.