Spiritually Fit-Ready to Serve: Sailor


The SFRS Sailor booklet will assist sailors to grow in spiritual fitness, one of the four areas of Military Total Fitness. The reader will learn how they can become spiritually fit by knowing God. They can lay the groundwork to build spiritual fitness over a lifetime. They are sold in packs of 10 or cartons of 150.

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U.S. Sailor Edition. The Spiritually Fit-Ready to Serve (SFRS): Sailor booklet is designed for sailors who want to discover how to become spiritually fit, one of the four areas of Military Total Fitness. The booklet covers the identity of a faithful warrior, becoming spiritually fit by knowing God and building spiritual fitness through spiritual drills. Key areas for service are discussed including the Great Commission, marriage and family, dealing with adversity, suicide awareness and resistance to combat trauma.

The booklets are 4×6, 96 pages, soft-cover, saddle-stitched.

The booklets are sold in packs of 10 ($9.99) and cartons of 150 ($142.50).

This booklet is published by Cru Military and is not an official Department of Defense publication.

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