Spiritual Battlemind for Military Wives

“Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life” (Prov 4:23 NCV). The Army has a plan for training its soldiers to have self-confidence, courage and mental toughness […]

God Knows Everything

“God knows all hearts, and He sees you” (Proverbs 24:12). If God did not know all the present, then He could be deceived and misled. But God knows everything about […]

Hope VS Wishful Thinking

“Is that present what I think it is? The box looks about the right size. I sure hope so. I’ve really been wanting it. It is hard to wait until […]

The Military Family

Cru Military loves the military family!  We recognize the well-equipped military family, as a unit, must respond to every challenge which comes their way. And Cru Military resources provide this […]

Success or Significance

Right or Wrong I led workplace Bible studies over the lunch hour during my days in the military.  I was part of the leadership team for the chapel parish council, […]

The Safe Zone

It was all very matter of fact. My commander called me in for what I expected to be a routine discussion.  Without any small talk, he informed me he’d decided […]

Glorifying Me

Huge Egos Thinking back through my time in the military, it’s a lot easier to remember folks with huge egos than it is to recall men and women who consistently […]

What Are We Sacrificing?

Innocent Sacrifice When I met him, Sidney was an elderly man who had served with the British army in the Far East during World War II.  Shortly after his arrival in Singapore, his […]

Hang In There

Press on… Hang In… Persevere After working on a major project for a couple of months, I had to convince three senior officers of the value of my proposal.  Following […]

He Said “Press”

I may never get it exactly what Your plan was when You took him home. And the pain remains For You made my wife’s heart to beat with my husband’s. […]