Glossary of Military Terminology Used In The E-Kit Video Series

This glossary is part of the E-kit library. The terms, ranks, and acronyms are those used in the E-Kit video series. Learning a New Language: If you’ve not spent much […]

E-Kit Resources: Learn How to Share Your Faith

In the E-Kit Video Seminar we stress that the unique attribute that churches provide our military men and women is faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many […]

Do I Need a Tattoo too?

The air in the room is blue, colored by the obscenity-laden talk from the group.  Arms and necks are decorated with tattoo art.  In fact, I am likely the only […]

Introducing the Bridges to Healing Children’s Series

“How does one explain combat trauma to small children whose hearts are already hurting?” – Jocelyn Green In answer to her own question, Jocelyn wrote,“‘My Hero’s Home!!’ is an inviting, […]

Getting Connected

God created us for community, so no matter where we are, we need to get plugged into a group of believers whom we can serve shoulder to shoulder with, and […]

Bringing Hope to Our Heroes

  Since 1965, spiritual warriors like you have partnered with Cru Military to help men and women in our global military community discover the life-changing reality of knowing Jesus Christ […]

North Platte Canteen

This 7 minute video produced by Cru Military (formerly Military Ministry) was uploaded to YouTube in 2007. It is narrated by Dick Foth, who told the Canteen story live in […]

How to be a Bridge Person

You can become more effective in becoming a Bridge Person… a person who helps bridge the gap between a warrior who is wounded and Jesus Christ. Don’t be a barrier […]

Support Your Local Chaplain

Expectations We’ve seen it in every chapel we’ve attended.  Whether our chaplains minister in operational units or the community chapel—or both—they are constantly faced with unrealistic expectations of those they […]