Moving Forward and Hope With PTS

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.” Exodus 20:2 ESV You can create opportunities for new […]

Scars and Forgiveness

I have a collection of scars, some received through no fault of my own. Well, truth be told, nearly all of them could have been prevented. Like the one I […]

The Effects of Trauma

This post is under construction but will describe the effects of trauma on returning combat veterans. Post #1 of The Six Man Project.

The Nature of Suicide

Suicide. A word that no one wants to hear. Yet regardless of age, race, sex, economic status, success level, marital status, ethnic background, people are affected by suicide. There is a veil of secrecy over the subject …

The Helper’s Role

You are the “Six Man”! But what is your role as a helper in all this? What should you be expecting of yourself? Let us lay out some expectations for your involvement in this project. 1. You are not the one responsible for your buddy’s survival. That burden does not belong to you. Please repeat. That burden does not belong to you.

Risk Assessment

The Conversation – As a “Six Man” your primary task will be connecting with your buddy “Joe.” That initial conversation is crucial as it lays down the groundwork for future interaction. In this conversation you will be looking for red flags, particularly suicidal thoughts or tendencies. Things to remember when calling your buddy, “Joe” …

Critical Action

Encountering Crisis – Take Critical Action
This post is under construction but will describe the critical action steps the Six Man will need to take in the event their buddy is at high risk of suicide. You, the Six Man, need to have read this material before you get started in order to be best prepared if a crisis arises.

Follow Up

Follow Up – This post is under construction but will describe the follow up steps the Six Man will want to take to maintain relationship and build their buddies’ walk with Christ.

Caring for Yourself

Compassion Fatigue – This post is under construction but will describe the importance of the Six Man caring for himself. As has been said, “you are no good to anybody if you’re dead.” Reaching out and caring for others can come at a high cost to yourself.

Six Man Resources

Resources for the Six Man

The information for this page is still be collected and will be organized later…

Un-ordered collection of information:

These books by Dr. Thomas Joiner can be found in our Recommended Resources page.