Leader Development & New African SFRS Booklets

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by Godefroid Sindayigaya 

Directors of nine African Military Ministries of Campus for Christ International® met in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. 

Joy of Meeting Face to Face

It was the very first time that the African Military Ministry Directors attended a face-to-face meeting after the COVID pandemic, which ravaged the whole world. They were so happy to see each other face-to-face, as some had only met on video calls. For most of the directors of the African ministries, it was their first time to visit Rwanda – the “Country of a Thousand Hills.”

Ministries represented were from Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Uganda, and Central African Republic.

Daryl and Martha Jones, the International Directors of Cru Military®, were guests of honor at the conference. The event focused on Leader Development with a lesson in the “Five E’s of Leadership Development.” Based on 2 Timothy 2:2, the leaders were reminded that they should not walk with Jesus alone but rather “to make disciples who make other disciples.” This is done through Exposure, Education, Environment, Experience, and Evaluation. 

But the conference had other goals as well: it allowed the leaders to get to know each other; to exchange ideas and projects to bring the gospel to men and women in uniform; to share experiences; and to exchange tools for evangelism and discipleship. The directors each presented the various activities they carry out in their respective countries as well as their strategic plan they use to access men and women in uniform. 

Augustin Tchenkoua, Director of the Military Ministry of Cameroon, and Fred Sindayigaya, Director of the Military Ministry in Rwanda, were presented as coordinator and deputy coordinator of the activities of the Africa Military Ministry. 

New African SFRS Booklets

“One of the highlights of our time in Rwanda was the completion and subsequent production of two new resources for use on the continent,” Daryl said. “We had a lot of requests for an African translation of Spiritually Fit – Ready to Serve (SFRS) booklet. So our Ministry Support Team, specifically the faithful efforts of Cru Military team member Karen Watkins, took the lead in helping us translate our SFRS booklet into both a French version and a version contextualized for use throughout Africa.”

“Multiple African Directors have already begun using these versions of SFRS, and we see even greater impact throughout the coming years!”

New African SFRS Booklets

The newly translated African version of the Spiritually Fit – Ready to Serve booklet has been highly appreciated by all of the Directors of Africa Military Ministry. The SFRS booklet helps military personnel in their personal lives, family life, as well as professional life. And above all, as many soldiers on the African continent are at war, the booklet was welcomed because it spiritually prepares the soul of the soldier in times of war. 

Leaders Holding New African SFRS Booklets

“We are so excited to see how these renewed souls take all the Lord deposited in their spirits and see new ministry and new fruit in the weeks and months ahead,” Daryl said. “We’ve already received reports of at least three new African nations who have expressed interest in joining the Military Ministry family in Africa!  To God be the glory!”

Quotes from the Military Ministry African Directors after the conference

  • “I feel so encouraged…”
  • “I know I am not alone and part of something bigger!”
  • “I have a sense of renewed confidence in my calling!”