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Answered Prayers in Latin America

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Ministry staff in Honduras report that the first “Christian Cadet Encounter of Central America and the Caribbean 2019” was a success and the follow up is ongoing.

One of our ministry volunteers, a retired Honduran Colonel and one of the first evangelical Christians in the Army, shared with us with tears in his eyes his impression right after the opening ceremonies.

“I have been praying for over 35 years that God would move upon the hearts of the military and its leaders.  Tonight, to see so many senior and future leaders of my country gathered to worship and welcome God among us…it was nothing less than a dream come true!”

 This prayer warrior was not alone.  Amazingly, one of the secretaries who had been helping complete the encounter’s details gave a wonderful testimony. 

“I have been here for over 25 years, and these leaders, and generals and cadets have changed! This can only be God!”

When Paul was encouraging Timothy to, “…entrust to reliable people,” we cannot help but think that God had given him a glimpse of exactly the kind of equipping and discipleship training that so many experienced at the Latin Cadet Christian Encounter.

 Being in the presence of scores upon scores of future military leaders was an unforgettable and life-affirming experience for everyone.  The presence of so many Cru Military key volunteers who organized and led this encounter was proof positive that in Latin America (and among the entire worldwide military community!) the LORD is raising up those “qualified to teach others.” Just like the cadets who attended the encounter, we can’t wait to experience more of His presence as we share and serve those in uniform into whose presence we are called.