Bridges To Healing

Bridges to Healing (BTH) is a ministry initiative launched in 2007 to motivate and train churches to become Bridges to Healing for our military service men and women who are confronting Combat Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The initiative began with live seminars, which have since been held for over 500 churches.

The E-Kit video seminar was developed to make the BTH available online. Its purpose expanded beyond just the need to address PTSD. The goal is broader: Engage the Military in your Midst.

Two books were subsequently written by Chris Adsit and Rahnella Adsit with Marshéle Waddell:  The Combat Trauma Healing Manual and When War Comes Home.  Both books are available in our Resource Store.

Cru Military worked with the American Association of Christian Counselors to develop the accredited “Care and Counseling for Combat Trauma” (C3T) video training series, which prepares counselors for working with this unique community.  The C3T is also available in the Resource Store.


Here are some of the resources prepared to support the Bridges to Healing seminar. If you know of other resources we have not yet posted, please let us know and we will add those to the list.


Small Groups

Those who want to facilitate a small group using the Combat Trauma Healing Manual (CTHM) or When War Comes Home (WWCH) will find the information and instruction in these Leader’s Guides useful and informative.

Download CTHM Leaders Guide (pdf)

Download WWCH Leaders Guide (pdf)

If you are starting small groups using When War Comes Home or the Combat Trauma Healing Manual, you might want some flyers or cards you can pass out.  Download this zip file to get PDF files of flyers that have been used elsewhere.  They were created using Publisher.  Contact us for more information or if you would like the original Publisher files.

Download Flyers Zip File

Informational papers

Download “Practical Suggestions for Ministry to Combat Trauma Sufferers” (pdf)

Download “What Not To Say to Combat Veterans and Why” (pdf)

Download “Military Ministry Church Guide” (pdf)


Bridges to healing

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