Care and Counsel for Combat Trauma

One Soldier’s Story

Name/Age: Sean Davis, 35
Home: Portland, Oregon
Unit: Oregon National Guard
Served In Iraq: 2003-2004

His squad went on 35 combat missions by truck and helicopter in their first 30 days in Iraq. Davis recalls the horrible smell of civilians burning in cars set afire by roadside bombs and remembers a friend in full uniform in the barrack’s shower trying to wash the day’s blood off. A roadside bomb hit Davis’ truck in June 2004. “There’s something in your brain that’s going to be changed after picking up bits and pieces of your best friend.”

Healing the Hidden Wounds of War

Americans will never forget September 11, 2001, the day our world changed… the day terrorists executed the deadliest attack ever on American soil. We all sat in horror and disbelief as our sense of security was deeply shaken.

Thousands of servicemen and women answered the call of duty, each willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to keep our nation and her people safe. Now, thousands live every day with the physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological scars of battle. In fact, one in four veterans who return home from combat suffers with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress and Combat Trauma… a tragedy with untold consequences.

Post-Traumatic Stress and Combat Trauma result when reactions to a traumatic or life-threatening event continually recur… an environment soldiers often find themselves in 24/7. Military men and women returning home from combat can feel like a stranger in a strange land-disconnected from family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even God. For some, what follows are feelings of depression, guilt, fear, and hopelessness-all symptoms of combat trauma. Left untreated, this can lead to a path of self-destructive behavior.

Now we have the unique opportunity to make a small sacrifice for them. “Care & Counsel for Combat Trauma” was designed as a tool to help those who suffer. Will you help us see that this recovery program is integrated into every church in America? Together, we can build Bridges to Healing. We are excited to be partnering together in one of the most significant projects ever undertaken by either of our organizations. Our prayer is that God will use this resource to impact the lives of our troops and their families.

We need to equip and train an army of those who understand and ‘Dare to Care!’
—Tim Clinton, Ed.D., LPC, LMFT, President, American Association of Christian Counselors

Care & Counsel for Combat Trauma

Care and Counsel for Combat Trauma is a one-of-a-kind course, presented on DVD, which equips caring Christians, professionals and laymen to better minister to military service members, veterans and their families who are spiritually wounded by combat trauma.  The workbook which contains the study outlines and certification tests is sold separately from the DVD set.

Co-produced by Military Ministry (Cru Military) and the American Association of Christian Counselors.

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CCCT dvds in our store CCCT workbook in our store

Who Should Take This Course?

The Care & Counsel for Combat Trauma (CCCT) Course is suitable for anyone with an interest in the effects of Combat Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and is particularly relevant for:

  • Military and Hospital Chaplains
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • College/University Counselors to Veterans
  • Emergency Service Personnel
  • Rescue Workers
  • Pastors and Ministry Leaders
  • Support Group Leaders/Facilitators
  • Health Care Personnel
  • Anyone Affected by Combat Trauma
  • Family, friends, colleagues of sufferers
  • Those living with the aftermath of combat experiences

Entry Qualifications

There are no special requirements or background needed to enroll in or benefit from this course. Anyone suffering with combat trauma, family members of sufferers, clinicians or people with a heart to provide care will benefit from participating in this unique and powerful training program.

Course Objectives

  1. The CCCT course will help you to develop a greater understanding of the complexities surrounding the post-combat experience of hundreds of thousands of active duty and veterans military members.
  2. CCCT will broaden professional and ministry-based skills.
  3. CCCT will equip Christian pastors and lay ministers to reach out with sensitivity and relevance to military members, veterans, and families in their congregations and communities.

Combat Trauma Resources from Cru Military

All of these resources are available in the Cru Military store.

  1. The CCCT DVD set contains 30 one-hour video presentations organized into five Course Units and packaged on 15 DVDs. Each presentation is given by one or more leading experts from the fields of counseling, psychology, medicine, or military life. This is a combat trauma counseling faculty not available anywhere else.
  2. The CCCT Workbook and Study Guide covers all five Course Units and five Post-Tests. Upon successful completion of the all five unit post-tests, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Cru Military, which will qualify you for education credits offered by the American Association of Christian Counselors. Test must be sent to Cru Military for grading and may be submitted all-at-once or one-at-a-time. There is no time limit on completing the Course.
  3. The Combat Trauma Healing Manual: Christ-Centered Solutions for Combat Trauma (172 pages. Soft cover book.)
  4. When War Comes Home: Christ-Centered Healing for Wives of Combat Veterans (268 pages. Soft cover book.
  5. My Hero’s Home!! A Guide for Young Children Whose Parents May Have Combat Trauma (64 pages. Soft cover book for 1st-3rd grade children.)
  6. Helping My Hero!! A Guide for Young Readers Whose Parents May Have Combat Trauma (130 pages. Soft cover book for 4th-6th grade children.)
  7. My Hero Hurts!! A Guide for Teenagers Whose Parents May Have Combat Trauma (130 pages. Soft cover book for teenagers.)