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Scott and Karen Clark share their amazing story of how God inspired Scott in an unusual way.

One of the key elements is that he did something and he didn’t stop with just himself. He realized there were other people who could benefit from doing that and he invited them.

One day a friend of mine from church came to me and said that his son was having some problems with PTSD. My friend had never been in the military, but he’d heard that I had PTSD, so he was seeking a little help. He had found this book called “The Combat Trauma Healing Manual,” and he wanted to know if I felt that that would be helpful. So I look at the book and I’m like, “Yeah, great. Thanks, Jeff,” as I toss it to the side.
About a month later, I just had an overwhelming feeling to call Jeff. I was still having every problem in the book with my unresolved combat trauma. We went out to lunch the next day and talked. In that short lunch, I received more help than all the help I’d received before from all the other counseling I’d been through. I begged Jeff to go through the book with me. Again, Jeff had never had any experience in working with the military. His son had joined, but he personally didn’t know very much about it. But he agreed to do so.
Well, about thirty minutes into the first time we met, it, I’m saying, “Hey, I know somebody this can help. Can he come the next time?” And Jeff said, “Yeah, sure.”
Next week we have two of us, the next week we have four, the next week we have eight, and it just kept going on and on and on. And more and more groups were growing. Jeff was helping me do all these things. We got some contacts with Cru Military and went to prayer meetings and I found even more people that were interested in helping the military, reaching out to helping those suffering from PTSD. Now we have groups all over Arizona that are meeting weekly and getting the healing that they needed from this process.
It’s just going out and doing stuff and letting the Holy Spirit guide you. God will put people in front of you. Get ahold of them and if you pray on it, you will see it happen.”

Scott and Karen shared their story in the E-Kit Seminar videos (video 7).

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