Combat Trauma e-books


Combat Trauma manuals are now Kindle e-books!

The release of “The Combat Trauma Healing Manual” in 2007 opened up new (or reminded us of 2000-year-old) Christ-centered solutions to facing Combat Trauma. It was quickly followed by the companion book, “When War Comes Home” for wives of combat veterans.

By the grace of God, these books have brought hope to thousands of military men and women and their spouses … not just in the U.S. Military but worldwide. We have now been blessed with the gift of the conversion of the books to Kindle e-book format!

I don’t have a Kindle!

Many people don’t yet know that Amazon offers a free Kindle Reader for computers, tablets and smart phones, so you can have the book with you wherever you go. (But keep a journal or notebook handy to record your thoughts as you go through the books.)

Excerpts from reviews of the books

“As a wife whose husband suffers from PTSD, I went searching for resources to help me understand the myriad of issues we were facing. I needed a Christian perspective from someone who ‘got it.’ This book is absolutely, hands-down the best resource available.”

“I recently finished a spouse support group that used this manual as a guide and it was a life saver … As a nurse, I have researched the topic of PTSD thoroughly and this book covers most of the physical components and treatment, while also addressing the needs of the support person, faith and military repercussions.”

“Most of us have NO idea how devastating military deployments are in young men’s lives nor constructive ways of dealing with the psycho-emotional-social wounds no one usually sees. I highly recommend this book to ANYONE who cares for a soldier coming back after being in combat!”

“I feel like I could be reading my own story! I’m not alone!”

“This manual was required for my PTSD class at LU. What a gem to assist in spiritual healing! The … content is extremely informative, and the scriptural references were awesome! Although this focuses on symptoms of PTSD, I believe that anyone who has ever experienced deep soul wounds can benefit from the contents of this workbook … GREAT text!!!”

“It offers a way out of the dark pit in which many of our troops have been cast … The text doesn’t present a quick fix; one doesn’t exist. This is a detailed plan for helping one’s self. I believe healing will come faster if the PTSD sufferer works through the manual with the encouragement of a mentor.” (Leader’s guides are available for download.)

“I am a disabled vet with PTSD from service in Iraq. Ten years late, I am still battling with things that I did and saw over there. This book has helped me put much of it to rest. That is something to talk about.”

“Chris [Adsit] explains the traumatic situations as if he experienced them himself. He explains how the mind processes trauma in layman’s terms, rather than medical jargon.”

The Combat Trauma Healing Manual e-Book $4.99

When War Comes Home e-Book $5.99