Connection Initiative

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Developing New Ways To Stay Connected

Military members and their families face many unique challenges, particularly as they seek to learn about and follow Jesus Christ. We believe that one of the best ways for Christians to support troops is to help bridge the gap between their face-­to-­face ministry experiences.

The Connection Initiative is being developed as means to help military members continue to relate to people who are dedicated to loving them and helping them grow in their faith. 

The military is a highly transient community and though they may have been connected to a loving Christian community at one location, often years go by before they may experience similar opportunities.

It is not uncommon for a service member to put their faith in Jesus Christ, or renew their commitment to their marriage, or even take initial steps in recovering from the physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds of war … only to transition to a new duty station or assignment within weeks or months of a personal growth experience. This can leave many feeling alone on their journey.

Imagine an army of trained volunteers ready to help eager military members and their families grow in their faith throughout their career. Imagine a new young believer leaving a small group at one base with confidence knowing that she had a Champion ready to help her connect to God’s people at her next duty station. Imagine Cru Military staff members being able to easily manage handing off their disciples to champions knowing that those they have poured so much into will not be alone on the next leg of their journey.  Learn more by watching this short video:

Through the Connection Initiative can maximize the volunteer impact of our ministry so that everyone in the global military community knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

Remember the Connection Initiative is about relationships, particularly when it is difficult to meet face-­to-­face. We believe that utilizing easy to use, innovative tools to help people stay connected and grow in their faith is a strategic means to accomplish our global mission.

We labor to cultivate a caring community passionate about connecting the global military community to Jesus Christ, and trust that the Connection Initiative will be used by God to help you be a blessing to the global military community.