Defending the Military Marriage

Servicemen and women get top-notch training to complete their mission to defend life and liberty. But they sometimes find that they’re ill-equipped to complete the lifelong mission spelled out in their wedding vows, especially while facing the unique challenges, pressure, and transitions of military life.

To help military couples cope with, and even thrive, in this assignment, Family Life and Cru Military have developed a small-group study: “Defending Your Military Marriage.”

With the encouragement of other couples, you and your spouse can study practical, biblical principles that will foster intimacy, teamwork, and commitment. The HomeBuilders Couples Series is designed to strengthen marriages and develop supportive relationships with other couples. Whether you got married years ago or just last month, this series will help you and your spouse apply God’s timeless principles to your relationship. There’s no better way to build your marriage than in the fun and friendly environment of a small-group couples study.


SESSION ONE: BASIC TRAINING – Learn basic principles that will refresh your perspective on your marriage mission.

SESSION TWO: COMMUNICATING IN THE TRENCHES – Meet each other’s needs for communication, even during separations due to temporary deployment.

SESSION THREE: MORE-MONTH-THAN-MONEY BLUES – Prioritize financial needs and work through challenges unique to career military families.

SESSION FOUR: SEAL TRAINING… Sexual Accountability and Love – Recognize the temptations that can threaten your marriage, and take positive steps to keep your covenant. Recognize also the need to know how to keep an already vital marriage vital and a growing marriage relationship growing into a vital marriage while serving in the military.

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