Demand Is High and Supplies Are Running Out!

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A relationship with Jesus is the foundation for transforming and strengthening the lives of military recruits as they prepare for service. That’s why our Spiritually Fit — Ready to Serve (SFRS) evangelism classes are the core of our outreach to recruits.

In addition to providing New Testament Bibles, Cru Military® delivers tens of thousands of Spiritually Fit — Ready to Serve booklets to basic training locations to distribute to every recruit who chooses to attend the Sunday morning worship service.

But demand is soaring, print costs have increased, and we have nearly run out of our Spiritually Fit — Ready to Serve booklets at some ministry locations.


Without your help, we won’t be able to deliver this critical evangelism material so desperately needed to our basic training locations … and recruits like Stephen*.

Stephen wrote, “I truly believe God has spoken to me over the last 14 weeks in ways I didn’t expect. Every week I leave encouraged, uplifted, and ready to take on the next week. There have been times I’ve felt alone throughout Boot Camp, but the SFRS classes and booklets remind me that the God who spoke the world into motion is on my side, which means that through Him, there is nothing I cannot accomplish. Thank you for providing these booklets and classes!”

We have the privilege of hearing stories like this every week from recruits who are encouraged, and their lives are transformed by the Gospel message.

It only costs approximately $8 for us to provide a New Testament Bible, a Spiritually Fit — Ready to Serve booklet and spiritual support through evangelism classes for one recruit during basic training. That means your gift of $24 will provide three recruits with the life-changing message of Jesus. A gift of $80 is enough to reach 10!

In just the past year, we distributed 83,000 copies of the Spiritually Fit — Ready to Serve booklets to military recruits who are under tremendous emotional and physical pressure. Through our partnership with military Chaplains, we were able to share Jesus and minister to military recruits every week.

Remember, it only costs approximately $8 to reach one recruit for Jesus. Imagine the eternal impact you can make for God’s kingdom with your gift.

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Together, let’s continue taking the hope of the gospel to the military at home and around the world!