E-Kit: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the question or answer you are looking for here, please contact us. We will gladly add to these FAQs.

Why does Jeff Struecker pray with his eyes open?

Jeff told us that he never prayed with his eyes closed during battle. Seems like a reasonable practice for him even today.

Where did you find your theme: Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can?

The theme comes from the book, The Three Success Secrets of Shamgar written by Pat Williams and Jay Strack with Jim Denney and is used by permission of Dr. Jay Strack.

Why should I view this seminar?

Many people want to help the military but do not know where to start. The E-Kit will help you understand the needs and utilize your unique gifts and talents to make a difference in their lives.

Can you give us a quick explanation of what we can do as a church?

The fast answer is: Not really. There are too many variables involved. Every area is so unique. What ministries is your church known for? What is the situation of the military in your area? What resources are available in the area?

So what can we tell you to do, after you watch the seminar of course?

  1. Pray
  2. “Decode” your community. What does the military look like in your community? What are the needs?
  3. Put together a team of like-minded, like-hearted people.
  4. Pray. Let the Holy Spirit direct you. Easy. 

What can I expect to learn?

You can expect to learn about the unique needs of the military including Combat Trauma and PTSD. You will learn how God can use your own gifts and abilities to minister to the military right where you are even if you are not near a military base.

Who is the seminar for?

The E-Kit is designed for churches, organizations, and individuals who desire to reach out to the military and their families with the love of Christ.

Do I have to have military experience?

While it can help, many people without any military experience are making a great difference in the lives of our military.

What if I do not know any military people?

Because of the extensive involvement of the Guard and Reserve in current military operations, military personnel and veterans are found in every community. The E-Kit will help you explore some ways to reach them.

Can I do anything as an individual or do I need to be part of an organization?

Many times the strength of a personal relationship will open doors that might remain closed to an organization. Serving with other believers, however, will provide a base of encouragement, support and prayer. If you are not starting a ministry to the military within the context of a church or organization, then we strongly encourage you to find 2 or 3 other people of like heart, who will partner with you. Spend time with your team praying before you attempt any sort of ministry (to the military or not!).

How much time does the seminar take?

The combined length of the seminar videos is 90 minutes. However, when viewing the seminar as a group, you should allow time for registration, breaks, and discussion. Therefore we suggest planning a three-hour event.

How knowledgeable of military life do I need to be to facilitate a seminar?

The leader’s guides and supporting information are sufficient to help you facilitate an E-Kit Seminar event. A glimpse of military life is provided throughout the presentation. If you have someone onsite who has military experience, they can help answer questions not addressed in the videos.

I am afraid of trying to help someone with PTSD. Are Combat Trauma and PTSD the only things addressed in the seminar?

While Combat Trauma and PTSD are strongly addressed, all aspects of military life are considered. You will discover many ways to reach out and help.

Will those with Combat Trauma or PTSD find help within the seminar?

Although the E-Kit is specifically designed for those who want to help, combat trauma sufferers may find hope in the testimonies of the military people in the seminar.

Is a DVD available?

A DVD is available for a minimal charge. We will post when we have it ready to go. You can contact Cru Military by calling 800-444-6006.

Why is it called ‘The E-Kit?’

The E-Kit name denotes not only the Electronic delivery of the seminar but also our desire at Cru Military to Enlist, Encourage, Educate, Equip, and Engage the Body of Christ in service to the Military Community.

What equipment do I need to present the seminar to a group?

The E-Kit Seminar videos are downloadable, so that they can be used offline with the audio/visual capabilities of each individual facility.

Are the videos captioned for the hearing impaired?

Yes! The videos embedded in the website and on YouTube are captioned in English. At the bottom of the video window click on the “cc” button to turn captioning on or off. In the caption window is also an options link where you can change for the style and size of the font used. Captioning will remain on for your computer until you turn it off.

The downloadable video files are not yet captioned.

Where can I learn more about the people in the video?

Check out the “Video Credits” page on the website.

Again, contact us if your question was not answered here.