“Faithful Under Fire” – Free Downloadable Bible Study

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A Special Courage

In Lionsgate Entertainment’s recent film, “Hacksaw Ridge,” viewers had the rare opportunity to witness a WWII battle and see all the gruesome, painful and tormented decisions warriors must make every day on the front lines. They were also introduced to the story of a faithful and courageous Army medic and Medal of Honor recipient … Private First Class Desmond Doss.

Just as it has been in every war or conflict since our nation’s founding, it remains the same for those who serve in uniform today.  It takes a special courage to hold onto one’s biblical convictions in what is an increasingly pluralistic or secular “marketplace.”  The need to live faithfully in this world as citizens of our Nation while reserving our highest allegiance to the Kingdom of God is great.  Service members pledge to serve and even die so we can live our lives in freedom.  That’s a heavy burden to bear without Jesus.

You Are Not Fighting Alone

The Military Ministry of Cru and all its staff members and volunteers feel honored to stand alongside our uniformed heroes who find themselves needing to be “faithful under fire.”  It is this ministry’s job to remind those in uniform they are not fighting alone.  After Cru Military staff member Fred Butterfield screened “Hacksaw Ridge” with his wife and fellow staff members, he was surprised at how this “old” story was still so relevant today.  So, he received a link to the film from Lionsgate and went through it scene by scene. For those who have seen this graphic war film, you can imagine how that level of intense study can prompt some serious questions about our faith and how we can live it out, no matter what circumstance God puts us in.

From his studies, Butterfield developed a Bible study guide and devotional to pair with the film.  The guide includes scripture and discussion questions to help church members, military ministries or community groups explore themes from “Hacksaw Ridge.”

According to Butterfield, the initial audience for the study guide is young military.  “I wanted to tackle the idea of how to live your life as a visible Christian in the
military today.”

Our men and women in uniform faithfully serve with honor and distinction because it’s the right and godly thing to do. But just because it’s right, doesn’t make it easy. The guide deals with issues such as PTSD, modeling a godly response to persecution, seeking God in prayer, spiritual and physical warfare and laying down your life for others.

Although Butterfield admits this guide is primarily applicable to those who are or have served in the military, he said the film’s themes can relate to any Christian serving in the secular world.  “We must have a servant’s attitude even as a leader in the workplace,” Butterfield said, as we are serving the ultimate leader – Jesus Christ. “ Consider others to be better than yourselves” as Paul says in Philippians 2:3 “In humility, value others above yourselves.”  “We all need to know how to lean on His word so we can hear His voice,” he says. Spending time in prayer helps God use us right where we are, no matter what the circumstances. “We pray God will use us for His glory.”

By offering this resource, Cru Military hopes military men, women and their families can use this guide to open the lines of communication about what it takes to hold onto your biblical convictions. However, Butterfield says “if even one individual is touched by this and moved to be more bold in their faith …. then it was worth

Download your free copy here.