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Hope for Heroes: Please pray for battle-weary Ukrainians

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A tank in a field in the Ukraine

Cru Military’s International Division covets your prayers as we minister in the midst of the Eastern Ukrainian civil war. Thanks to your support, we are seeing many lives impacted for Christ. Yet at the same time, the ongoing conflict is taking its toll.

One servicemember you may pray for is Ivan*. He was a university student until he was suddenly drafted into the Ukrainian Army to oppose Russian-backed separatists. After a hasty 3-week boot camp for officers, Ivan found himself deployed as a lieutenant leading two platoons close to the separatists’ artillery fire. Ivan knew he was there to serve Christ as well as his country – so he turned his hand-dug trench into the home of his new evangelism discussion group.

During one intense period of shelling, one of Ivan’s younger soldiers was hugging him, frightened by the terrible pounding of enemy artillery shells. “Why are you hugging the lieutenant?” one soldier teased. “Because Ivan is a Christian, someone God will spare, so I will never leave his side!”

Later, when Ivan was asked if his men were open to Christ when they saw God answering his prayers of protection for himself and his men, he answered, “The younger men are open; the older … very open!”

Pray with us that not one soul will miss the opportunity to know Jesus as Savior. And please pray for those God has placed in harm’s way in the Ukraine to share with others the hope found in Him!

*Name changed for security purposes.