International Ministry Update

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When you support the Military Ministry of Cru, you are meeting the needs of Christians around the world. Not only are you helping the U.S. military and their families discover the love of Jesus Christ, but you can be part of sharing the Good News with communities around the globe who are suffering from the devastating wounds of war.

Daryl and Martha Jones, directors of Cru Military’s International division, see firsthand how your support makes an impact beyond our borders.

“When you partner with Cru Military, you’re part of a worldwide movement,” Daryl says. “You’re part of something big.”

Cru Military has faithful staff and volunteers in over 26 nations who are impacting places such as Honduras, Kenya, Mongolia and Ukraine to minister to the military, their families and surrounding communities to prepare them to handle a unique set of spiritual challenges.

According to Martha, Ukraine is a great illustration of what Cru Military is doing globally. No matter where you get your news, you’ve most likely seen the headlines about  the conflict tearing up the Eastern European nation.

Martha recently returned from serving in Ukraine and says it’s a country that “is uniquely benefitting from our gospel outreaches and support.”

Cru Military and their teams are equipping pastors, chaplain volunteers and lay leaders to evangelize to their cities.

“Everything we’re doing in the states, we’re helping our Ukraine for Christ Military Ministry to bring that same hope of the Gospel to those in uniform,” Daryl says.

They are translating Cru Military’s beneficial resources into Ukrainian and Russian to distribute to the warriors and their families … addressing trauma, deployments, military marriages and the effects of war on children.

According to Daryl, a specific example is the Combat  Trauma Manual, which has made a “positive impact on  those returning from the front in Ukraine.”

“We work with the indigenous leaders” in these foreign regions to equip them to expand God’s work in the worldwide military community, Martha says. Ultimately,  it’s the locals who can affect a spiritual movement and  Cru Military is honored to serve and equip them.

“Donor support allows us to continue serving and  blessing the worldwide body of Christ” Daryl says.

“It’s because of the strength of the ministry’s work that we are invited to these countries to come and help,” he says. “However, despite there being more need for us than capacity, we’re committed to bringing Christ’s best where  it’s needed most!”