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Global Update

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When it comes to ministering to military couples, your support doesn’t stop at the border.

The Military Ministry of Cru’s global staff and volunteers, in partnership with FamilyLife, are heavily engaged in supporting military marriages around the globe! These teams of committed people are providing the same life-changing care and support for couples attending Weekend to Remember marriage events in other countries. The goal is the same: to strengthen marriages in the midst of the challenges of life in the military.

Some of these faithful staff and volunteers support marriages of soldiers returning from the front-lines in Ukraine.  After one Weekend To Remember event hosted for his command staff, one commander told us,

This was the first time I have seen members of my staff smile in over a year!”

Similarly, in Mongolia, military couples there face a great deal of pressure during military deployments and a family support structure struggling to keep pace with the demands of multiple deployments.  Our Centurion Military Ministry staff routinely receives positive feedback from almost every couple that attends a Weekend to Remember or one of the ministry’s marriage sessions.

Regardless of where our ministry is located, our number one priority is on winning couples to Christ; building their faith to provide a solid marriage foundation; and sending them out to reach other military couples.  

Military couples face a unique and challenging environment that puts a great deal of strain on their marriages.  Weekend to Remember getaways with military emphasis sessions around the globe provide ways military couples can develop a closer relationship and make their marriages stronger. The Military Ministry of Cru, along with FamilyLife staff, are honored to work together bringing marriages together with the healing and strengthening power of Christ!