Latin America Growing in Prayer

A powerful time…

What started out as a call to prayer for those in Eva and Rodolfo Interiano’s ministry circle of friends, family, partners, and disciples has turned into a dynamic and growing prayer movement among military leaders throughout Latin America. The directors of the International Military Ministry for all of Latin America have invested in expanding the groups who are praying and reading scripture together on a regular basis. Not only have the Interianos grown closer together, as well as to God, but they have also learned to trust His direction. As a result, they are seeing amazing multiplication taking place among these leaders through their use of their regular Zoom prayer calls.

Their initial prayer gatherings included 33 generals and admirals from ten countries who were challenged to read and meditate on 2 Chronicles 7:14. Everyone was moved by the challenge to see how God could intervene if the people would humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from their sins. The Interianos’ call to prayerful reflection and intercession seemed to have been just the right catalyst to engage these leaders in seeking God’s direction and strength to discern their steps in these COVID-19 days. The group of Christian generals in Honduras, led by General Mejia, a Cru Military Director, expressed their desire to pray for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and all the commanders of Army, Air Force, and Navy.  They asked the Chairman and he excitedly said, “Yes, please do it!”

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. -2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV

The plans for the gathering were made and during their interaction, thirteen retired generals prayed for the active-duty general commanders and the whole Armed Forces. They first praised God thanking Him for His protection and finally asked Him for wisdom for all the leaders. Before hanging up, all on the call agreed to have a similar time of prayer once
a month.

Four things let us ever keep in mind: God hears prayer, God heeds prayer, God answers prayer, and God delivers by prayer. – E. M. Bounds

Seeing God move in these leaders, Rodolfo approached the Secretary of Security in Honduras to offer a time of prayer and encouragement for him, the directors of the National Police and his key leaders. The answer was an enthusiastic, “Si, por favor!” as well! The police went above and beyond—they invited city police directors and officers with a total of 150 leaders on the call!

It was a powerful time and they too want to have a regular time of prayer for all who serve in the police force of Honduras. It is apparent God is drawing people closer to Him as He changes the lives and focus of the leaders in the military and police, not only in Rodolfo’s home country of Honduras, but He is drawing leaders to prayer calls among several other countries in Latin America. This amazing work among military leaders throughout Latin America is a great testimony of that truth as they continue to invite and connect hearts that need God’s touch.

The reality is that everyone has been so affected by this virus in all of our countries and around the world, turning to God as a group has inspired and energized those who were on the call to prayer. – Rodolfo Interiano

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