Interim Executive Directors/ Global Directors:

Col (Ret) Daryl & Lt Col (Ret) Martha Jones – We are honored to welcome Daryl and Martha Jones as the new Co-Interim Executive Directors of Cru Military. After both graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1982, they completed 20+ year flying careers with the Air Force before retiring. In 2003, they joined Cru as Associate Staff while serving as local pastors and missionaries in Asia.

Today, as the Global Directors of Cru Military, they have helped establish ministries among military communities in 35 nations. In all of this, God has used them as shepherds, servants and strategists. While these are only brief snapshots of their lives, it’s a little bit of insight into how God has shaped their gifting and motivation on behalf of His glory and prepared them for today.

National Directors:

Dave and Laurie Eatman – Dave and Laurie joined our staff in 2014. They have served in our ministry at every level, including volunteer Ministry Team Members on the Parris Island Gateway team, Ministry Team Leaders for the Parris Island Gateway Ministry, Local Directors for the Beaufort/Savannah area, Southeast Area of Operations Director, and now National Directors. Dave served a 4-year enlistment in the United States Marine Corps and 17 years in Corporate America before joining staff and currently serves as a Chaplain Candidate (LTJG) in the Navy Reserve. Before joining staff, Laurie spent 22 years as a hairstylist and proprietor of her own salon. In their early adult years, Dave and Laurie both personally experienced the negative impact military life can have on the home. As a result, they have a passion for seeing service members and their families come to know Christ and have their military service and family life transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As National Directors, Dave and Laurie are responsible for leading a team of staff and volunteer missionaries in the U.S. with the mission of building movements of multiplying disciples to the global military community.


Fund Development Director:

Brig Gen (Ret) David Phillips – David has served in various roles within Military Ministry of Cru since 2010. His remarkable 31-year Air Force career has prepared him perfectly for his current role as Fund Development Director. His deep passion to see military families experience the hope that comes in knowing Jesus Christ motivates him to develop relationships and financial resources necessary to spread the gospel throughout the global military community. David is also working to develop a plan to integrate local and corporate fund development training to help local teams generate the revenue needed to support ministry expansion in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Chief of Staff:

Nick Bair – Nick has been reaching the U.S. military for Jesus since 2002 and has seen many come to faith and grow in their personal ministry. Growing up in a military home has given him a good understanding of the particular spiritual needs of the military population. That understanding fuels his passion to reach the global military community for Christ. As Chief of Staff, his education and operational ministry experience have given him unique talents and skills that serve him and the ministry well. Nick and the MSC team focus on developing valuable tools and resources to effectively equip and support staff and volunteers.

Chief Financial Officer:

Dave Weier – Dave has served in the non-profit field for 37 years (26 with Cru) in the accounting, audit, and finance areas. He has served with Military Ministry of Cru since 2014 as its Chief Financial Officer, giving oversight to the ministry’s financial status and processes. Dave also provides ministry insight on Cru-wide issues and other matters related to non-profit strategies, risks, and opportunities. Dave has an enduring respect and appreciation for the military community and the sacrifices they make. His interest in the well-being of the men, women, and families of the U.S. armed services is a strong motivation for his involvement with Military Ministry of Cru.

Human Resources (HR) Director:

Karenanne Abbate Payton – Karenanne has served with the Military Ministry of Cru since 2018. As the wife of a retired Army Chaplain, she has a deep love and respect for the unique challenges of military life and the beauty and wholeness only Jesus Christ can bring. She is passionate about equipping teams and developing leaders to reach their full God-given potential. This has been lived out in her decades of ministry experience, in various contexts. As the LDHR and Staff Care Director, Karenanne diligently leads her team in stewarding, strengthening, shepherding and shaping culture for Cru Military’s greatest asset: our people.

Prayer Director:

Karen Trimble – Karen has served in various assignments within Cru Military for over two decades. In 2008 when she was asked by the Executive Director to lead and mobilize prayer in the ministry, she knew God was calling her for this purpose. Understanding that the key to successful ministry is aligning our hearts with His, and this best done through prayer, Karen began to develop what was an internal small group prayer gathering at the former Cru Military headquarters into a vibrant prayer ministry that continues to grow with a global reach. Karen is passionate about encouraging our team members around the world through prayer and helping to guide and encourage them in the growth of their prayer teams. Partnering with dedicated prayer ministries and prayer partners around the world on behalf of Cru Military and the military families that we serve has invited others to join with us as we reach the militaries of the world for Christ.