Lives Changed Through the Gospel

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Our global ministry access is truly an amazing gift from God, and we praise him for it.   We are running strong through the doors God opens! Hebrews 12:1 is emphatic, “… let us run with endurance the race God has set before us,” because we know the truth of Jesus Christ changes lives!


“My son is entering boot camp as I write this. He has struggled with faith in Christ. Knowing that there is a Cru Military team there is incredibly encouraging to this mama! I’m praying for the team there and for my son to surrender to the Lord while at boot camp. Thank you for all your ministry team is doing!”


“I am a former female Marine that was saved through this ministry in an old WWII barracks at Camp Pendleton in 1977.  I subsequently met my future husband, also a Marine, and he was saved in 1978. Forever grateful to the Lord and to Cru!”


“I got word that my nephew, Gavin, “converted to Christianity” in Marine boot camp.  I couldn’t stop crying for several days because this was such a tremendous answer to so many prayers.  I have prayed for my hard-hearted brother every night (with very few exceptions) for over 2 decades- and over the years- that transitioned into praying for his children and family often.  If this rumor was true, Gavin would be the first Christian in my brother’s family.

 This morning I attended Gavin’s graduation and was able to get some time alone with him driving to the hotel.  He shared with me his story which confirmed to me that he is a new believer! PRAISE GOD!  

 We have all seen a HUGE change in him, and my brother and the rest of the family notice! (although, at the moment they think the change is all military- but I pray that someday they will see it is so much greater than that.).  

 I got to share my testimony with Gavin about how I came to Christ in college through Cru.  When he heard the word Cru, he did a double-take. That is when he told me that it was Cru Military people that ministered to him.  He told me that it was Cru Military people that were there to answer all his questions and help him through hard times.

 I have always appreciated Cru Military… I now appreciate Cru Military even more. Beyond words!” 

Our mission is urgent … your partnership is essential! We must Win the global military to Jesus Christ, Build them up in their faith, and Send them out as military multiplying disciples! Please pray to the Lord of the harvest for sustained access and to bring more workers!

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