What Does A Military Kid Say About PTSD?

What Does a Military Kid Say About PTSD?

Q. What does your father do in the military?

A. “My dad is a chaplain in the Navy and he has been deployed several times since our family became a military family.”

Q. You were recently chosen to do a critique of the book Helping My Hero!! A Guide for Young Readers Whose Parents May Have Combat Trauma.  What did you think about what you read?

A. “Helping My Hero is an amazing book that helps young readers realize that PTSD is serious and that military families can overcome it but the only way to do that is through God. It shows the readers that they aren’t too young to help their parents with PTSD. They can pray and talk to God about their feelings that they have towards PTSD.”

Q. What is your favorite part of the book?

A. “My favorite part of this book is when the character named Sara goes to her friend Jenna’s house and she shares her feelings. Jenna tries her best to help Sara overcome the pain. From reading the book it gave me the courage to show people God is with them no matter what. He is there through the pain, the hurt, the anger, the sorrow, and the sadness. He is there no matter what you do or say.”

Q. Who is your favorite character?

A. “My favorite character is Jenna because she shows Sara that the pain won’t last forever and there is always a rainbow after the storm. I hope that you all enjoy the book as much as I did and you really take it to heart. Overall, just know that God is with you and everyone else in the military family community is standing right there next to you. Lastly, believe you can have the power to make a change with God by your side!”

Q. Have you ever done a book review before?

A. “No and I thank you for choosing me to be the child to read your book. It means a lot to me. It was really inspiring and it actually helped me to not be nervous when my dad leaves again. I am really going to miss him. My biological father left me and never came back so my adopted dad is the only thing I have and I can’t lose him.”

Q. How has being a ‘military brat’ affected your life?

A. “Every day when my dad goes to work, I pray that he will be safe and that God won’t take him from me. I have faith God does things for certain reasons but I have lost too many people in the last 5 years. I’m not much of a person that shares their feelings unless I write it down. Anyways I really enjoyed your book. I love to write and read. They are my passions. I am positively sure that many other kids will enjoy your book too. Thank you again for sharing it with me.”


Young Readers (4th-6th graders) will enjoy reading the story of two military families and their experiences of dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Combat Trauma. Included in each chapter will be oodles of information to educate you on the realities many families are dealing with because of intense war situations.

You will meet Sara, a sixth-grader, her brother, Jacob, who is in fifth grade, and Jenna, Sara’s best friend from school.  Their fathers have just returned from long deployments. They love living in the same neighborhood and see each other every day.  You will also meet Barney, a loving and devoted German shepherd, who has been with Sara and Jacob since he was a playful puppy. You will find stories, activities, questions to answer and so much more. There are many things you can talk over with your mom or dad.

You will also find God-solutions to some very tough situations many families are going through because of war. We believe you will find excellent information to help you and your whole family.

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