Now More than Ever!

“In a favorable time I listened to you, and in a day of salvation I have helped you.” Behold, now is the favorable time; behold, now is the day of salvation.
-2 Corinthians 6: 2 (ESV)

There are many essential elements in building an effective military but one of the most critical is being bold. This is particularly true in leadership.

In situations that seem darkest, our leaders need to be bold.  We all need to be bold.  God expects us to be bold.

As we all struggle together to return to “normalcy” we are waging a war on multiple fronts; physical, emotional, and especially spiritual. And this current battle is especially difficult on those we expect to protect our freedoms.

But the battle is not ours, it’s the Lord’s. And He is calling each of us now more than ever before to boldly step out in these turbulent times, taking the fight to our enemy, and proclaiming the gospel to and through our military heroes.  Why is this time so critical?

  • Now more than ever our great nation is in disarray
  • Now more than ever our men and women in the service looking for answers
  • Now more than ever they are turning to Cru Military to learn about Jesus
  • Now more than ever we – and you – have an opportunity in this time of crisis to impact our military for years to come.

A recent recruit graduate was asked what about Cru Military’s weekly, spiritually fit Bible studies helped them most during bootcamp. The response:

“They built a feeling of community inside the barracks. The studies gave all of us something to look forward to … Every Sunday we became one week older and one week closer to graduation. For me, Sunday’s were a checkpoint. Bible studies may have been the only outlet we had to release built-up emotion acquired over the week.”

With the enhancement of our Military SFRS (Spiritually Fit and Ready to Serve) programming and dynamic new website, we’re poised to meet this pent-up demand head-on. And if God has been nudging you to be a part of this ministry– if you’ve been wondering how you might be able to make a difference – Now more than ever God can use you!  Here are just four ways you can be a part of this exciting movement:

Join Our Staff – Right now we have tremendous opportunities for people who want to join us as missionaries. If you’ve ever considered joining us on staff, now is a great time to do so as we take on our most aggressive outreach ever.

Become an Online Ambassador – Ambassadors are volunteers who develop connections and relationships with military SFRS members through posts, comments, groups, and courses. Serving in this capacity can lead to the individual serving as a Mentor/Champion.

Become an Online Moderator– As a Moderator, you will be a part of engaging in our ongoing chat rooms for military members and their families.  You’ll monitor conversations to ensure that the material fits appropriate family content, and gently steer conversations in a positive, God-honoring manner.

Help Financially -This aggressive new outreach means our expenses are increasing. With the generous matching funds, we’ve just been offered, now is the best time to help.  Any gift you make will be doubled to help us reach the greatest number of people we ever have!

To learn more about any of these opportunities, go to

Now more than ever, we thank you for being a part of serving our true military heroes!

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