How to be a Bridge Person

You can become more effective in becoming a Bridge Person… a person who helps bridge the gap between a warrior who is wounded and Jesus Christ. Don’t be a barrier […]

What Not to Say to Combat Veterans (and Why)

This is a general guideline put together by former Sergeant Andi Westfall, who served with the National Guard as a medic during Operation Iraqi Freedom and who suffers with PTSD. […]

The E-Kit: Faith Makes A Difference

You can make a difference The military is a unique culture with unique needs. And faith in Jesus Christ is making the difference in the lives of military men, women, […]

Launch Point: Starting a Movement

When Kennedy said, ‘Let’s go to the moon,’ we didn’t yet have a vehicle that wouldn’t kill you on launch. He said we’ll land a man on the moon in […]

Jesus at the Laundromat

Bonnie, mother of three was visiting her daughter in Washington DC this spring. One day, helping her daughter out, she toted the laundry off to be washed. It was at […]

Run to the Pain

I have always known, as has anyone who knows us, that Rick and I have very different in personalities. We clearly share the same faith, convictions and values, but the ways […]