Glossary of Military Terminology Used In The E-Kit Video Series

This glossary is part of the E-kit library. The terms, ranks, and acronyms are those used in the E-Kit video series. Learning a New Language: If you’ve not spent much […]

E-Kit: Video Credits

Special thanks to our military experts [bs_row class=”row”] Jeff Struecker, Spokesperson Jeff Struecker – As an Army Ranger who lived through the Battle of Black Hawk Down in Mogadishu, Jeff […]

E-Kit: Ministry Suggestions

Ministries Launch Point Your church or group has many skills, talents, resources and ideas which you can utilize in serving the military around you. These suggestions are just a launch point […]

E-Kit Resources: Learn How to Share Your Faith

In the E-Kit Video Seminar we stress that the unique attribute that churches provide our military men and women is faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many […]

Do I Need a Tattoo too?

The air in the room is blue, colored by the obscenity-laden talk from the group.  Arms and necks are decorated with tattoo art.  In fact, I am likely the only […]