Planning for the Future

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Estate Planning is a very complex subject.  However, your estate is a sacred trust. It has been accumulated as a result of your labors and God’s blessings. As a part of your total life of stewardship, it is important that you spend the necessary time to do a thorough job in planning.

Planning your estate is not only for the wealthy; it is for everyone.  

Simple Steps for Estate Planning:

  • Set the priorities of your estate design
  • Become familiar with estate planning tools
  • Gather the necessary data for the estate design process
  • Seek professional counsel to help establish your plan

Once you have completed the process of deciding where your assets should be distributed after your death, then your plan is implemented through a Will or Revocable Living Trust.  But for Christians, Estate Planning isn’t just a legal process, it is also an act of worship. When you choose to invest in the Military Ministry of Cru through planned giving, you can help ensure that the powerful outreach you love will continue changing lives of military members for decades to come.

For more information, helpful tools and calculators on estate planning visit The Cru Foundation, a ministry of Cru, enables ministry partners like you to support Kingdom work for the long term through good stewardship and estate design.  

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