Ready to Retire?


Retiring from the military can be a very challenging career move.  Whether you’ve served 20 or even up to 30 years, the time will come, and you might as well prepare for it.  There are so many things to consider. Where will we live? Where will I work?  What kind of job can I get?  Where can I get a job? Where do my spouse and kids want to live? How much income will I need to survive in the civilian world? On and on the questions go!

Part of growing in faith is learning to trust God with our future. Part of that equation is understanding how God has made us by understanding the gifts and talents He has given us.  Because of the culture we live in, many times we are driven to think certain jobs and careers are more important because of the sizable salary that comes with the job.  If you let an appealing salary be your guide, in a few years you may come to realize you hate your job. 

Preparing for retirement is like most things, poor preparations lead to poor results.

Instead, ask God to guide you to a new career after retirement.  His plans are always best. His plans may not include being in a straight line after leaving the military but living by faith can bring some unexpected adventures along the way.   You may find the result exceeds your expectations about all you imagine your life will be like.

Preparing for retirement is like most things, poor preparations lead to poor results.  So, take the time to prepare for one of the biggest transitions in your life. 

Here are some suggestions to help guide you along the way: 

1)      Pray and earnestly ask God to guide you to His perfect plan for your life.

2)      Complete a spiritual inventory and learn how God has designed you.  The results might surprise you. 

3)      There may be steps of growth needed along the way.  God’s ultimate job for you may be the third or fourth step in the process.

4)      Study and guard these scriptures in your heart: Proverbs 3:5-6, Ps. 37:4, Heb. 11:6


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