Reboot Combat Recovery’s Trauma Healing Course

Across the country, active duty, veterans, and their families are finding hope and healing from Post Traumatic Stress through Reboot Combat Recovery’s Trauma Healing Courses.

Divorce rates are dropping. Medication abuse is decreasing. And most telling of all, suicide numbers are dropping. Cru Military® is proud to partner with this organization since 2011, which uses workbooks and curriculum derived from our Combat Trauma Healing Manual.

Now we are leveraging this partnership for even greater impact by launching co-branded courses and providing follow-on care for graduates.

Steve and Karen Dorner, team leaders for the Military Ministry of Cru® in Texas rallied four local churches to support one of three pilot tests.

Seven men and women completed the 12-week program. “They all knew something was missing,” said Steve, who was himself a combat medic in Vietnam. His voice is thick with emotion as he describes the progress he witnessed while leading the group with wife, Karen. He said:

“I invited one young man to the class and he said, ‘I’m an atheist.’ I said, ‘Well, come anyway.’

Because the course focuses on the spiritual aspects of recovery, students gain an understanding of Bible principles. Some learn to pray for the first time, attend church for the first time, and even make decisions for Christ!

The Dorner’s group has now grown to 17 people simply through word of mouth. They pray together, go deeper into Cru Military’s longer-format trauma healing manual and discuss issues that could not be aired safely in any other way. Many plan to serve as mentors and volunteers in the next Reboot class, to help others the way they have been helped.

“We were able to have four different churches working together. It was great to see the body of Christ work together,” said Karen. “We sat back in amazement at what God did. Some of these people had been suffering for years.”

In Yorktown, VA, a second class launched in March led by Brian Vogt of Coastal Community Church. Three of the six students graduated. Please pray that the remaining students will have the time to finish their requirements when the next Reboot class starts in September. A group of five continues to meet for aftercare.

“The veterans who came in were skeptical, but over 12 weeks they gained a huge level of trust,” said Aaron Titko, Cru Military’s mid-Atlantic director who provided logistics and mentoring. He also attended the course.

“The hope that I saw these men have at the end of the 12 weeks, their commitment to continue to walk forward out of the valley rather than wallow in despair, self-pity and anger… was worth it all.”

In both of these pilot classes, marriages were strengthened, people found relief from their symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and almost everyone was eager for continued small group care through Cru Military after the course was finished.

“Reboot does what it does really well, but after 12 weeks there’s nothing else,” said Titko. “That’s really where Cru Military shines …we’re in the business of significant relationships of changed lives through Jesus Christ.”

Volunteers are needed to help with the next phase of our expanded trauma healing ministry, including the new Co-branded Reboot Combat Recovery courses and small group aftercare. To apply, visit our website at