Recruiting Other Helpers

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The Six Man Project is not an “army of one.” It is a team.

Let’s get some perspective here:

The Project Scope

  • Squad: 12
  • Platoon: 48
  • Company: 192
  • Battalion: 960
  • Regiment: 4800

The Project Objective

  • Connect with everyone in the battalion. 960 men. Not counting those who are separated or retired from the military and are no longer in the battalion.

The Probable Outcome

  • Humanly Impossible

Unless …

  1. God intervenes by His Spirit, power and grace.
  2. God brings more “Six Men” to the project.

We can, should and are praying for #1 and #2.

We can seek out more motivated, God-prepared men for #2.


As you are connecting with others in the battalion, ask God to make you aware of those who could join us.

Pass their contact information on to your project team leader, who will talk with them about the project and how they might participate.