Salary & Benefits

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Cru is a faith-based missions organization. Becoming a full-time staff member involves not only meeting the standards for staff, but also raising funds to cover the financial needs of your personal ministry.

Each staff member, including the president, is responsible for building a team of individuals and churches who work together to finance his or her ministry. Just as the pastor of a local church is paid by the generous giving of his congregation, we are paid by the generous giving of our ministry partners. The only difference is that our partners are spread across the nation.

There are many advantages to this financial strategy. The most significant advantage is that our “ministry partners” commit themselves to praying for our ministry. Psalm 127:1 tells us, “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” A ministry that is not founded upon and supported by prayer is a ministry that is doomed to failure. Therefore, our ministry partners play a critical role in the success of our ministry, not only through their financial giving, but more importantly through their prayers.

Cru provides in-depth training for new staff members. The training will provide you with an orientation to the ministry, an understanding of our mission and methods, and the tools you will need to communicate about your ministry to raise funds. Staff receive individual coaching, support and accountability throughout the support team building process.


Each staff member starts with a base salary which is then increased based on age, the size of family, geographic location, and tenure to arrive at a maximum salary. Staff members may then request their salary to be any amount between the minimum required salary and the maximum amount. Additional salary may be requested for special needs like the purchase of a car or college tuition for children.

Typical Annual Salaries

2016 Typical New Staff Family (2 kids) Salary: $70,999
2016 Typical New Staff Couple (no kids) Salary: $55,222
2016 Typical New Staff Single’s Salary: $27,611


We place a high priority on caring for you because our staff members are the ministry’s greatest asset. For that reason, we provide the following benefits:

Comprehensive Medical & Dental

Our medical benefits are provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield. The healthcare plan includes coverage for prescription drugs, dental care, chiropractic visits, counseling and much more. We also have a proactive wellness program.

Retirement Benefits

To help staff members build a financial foundation for their lives after 65, Cru has a 403(b) plan that staff may make voluntary contributions to through their paychecks, and Cru makes a monthly contribution to it as well.

Group Life Insurance

A generous basic life insurance program is offered for all staff members.

Disability Coverage

Cru also provides long-term disability coverage.

Worker’s Compensation

In the event of a job-related injury, we provide worker’s compensation.

Paid Vacation & Holidays

Each staff member receives two weeks of vacation a year once they report to their ministry assignment. Additional weeks of vacation are also earned with tenure. Cru also recognizes eight paid holidays per year.