Speaking Effectively

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What happens during an Encounter with cadets, active duty and retired high rank officers and their wives from five countries in Latin America as they spend five days together in a conference put on by Cru Military? One of the first activities was a meeting with fifty-five military wives. They heard from Cru Military staff women about what their military marriage was like. Along with hearing what it meant to have a Christ-centered military marriage because of Jesus in their lives; many women signed up to be in follow­up bible studies. The senior military wives were truly passionate about praying for their country and indicated a heart to reach the military personnel in their units with the Gospel message and take part in Win, Build, and Send.

That same afternoon, the Cru Military men joined with some leaders in the Armed Forces attending the Encounter to pray with and thank them for the partnership between the police, military and Cru Military leaders. Because of this close encounter, many doors previously closed are opening wide for the Gospel message to be shared.

The cadets were also challenged when they heard many testimonies from retired officers about how God was a part of their career decision-making process while serving. One female cadet shared, “never knew I could be a Christian in the military. Now I know that I can and how to do it.”
On day 4 and 5 of the Encounter, the Spiritual Multiplication Seminar began which included topics such as:
1) The Gospel
2) Assurance of Salvation
3) The Spirit-Filled Life
4) Sharing Your Testimony
5) The Great Commission
The summary for the five-day Encounter by all who attended could be summed up into a few words: “Miracle!” “Enlightening!” “Amazed to learn what God is doing!” “Now I know!”