She came for the food

She came for the food. She came because she was hungry. Life in the barracks offered a lot more flexibility than boot camp, but the food still left a lot […]

Faith Deployed … Again

Vision Check “When Rob and I married, we chose the hymn ‘Be Thou My Vision’ to be played while we lit our unity candle. I had always loved the lyrics, […]

Haunted by the Past

This past year we were involved in a Bible study at the nearby Air Force Base. A member of our study, “John,” shared a story that spoke to our hearts. […]

What happened to my husband?

Lauren’s Journal… “Where is my husband? Who is this man that they sent home to me? There must be some mistake! I pick up the morning paper and read the […]

Go ahead. Shoot me.

Have you ever wondered if God really cares about what happens to you as you live life? Quite frankly, the thought had never entered my mind while living some of […]

Jesus at the Laundromat

Bonnie, mother of three was visiting her daughter in Washington DC this spring. One day, helping her daughter out, she toted the laundry off to be washed. It was at […]

Encourage Your Brothers

I met “Frank” at a Promise Keepers event one September. Noticing that signature haircut, I asked if he was a Marine. “Yes,” he said. As we began to talk, I […]

Shots in the Dark

Earlier this month I was awoken at 1:30 am to shouts and arguments on the street behind my house. I didn’t pay any attention until I heard POW, POW… POW […]

Take the Deployment Dare

Have you read the book “The Love Dare” or watched the movie “Fireproof”? You may have had the thought, “What good is it to do ‘The Love Dare’ when we’re […]

You are NOT weak

If you are suffering from PTSD, every day can provide a new surge of fearful thoughts that threaten to shut you down and turn you into stone.  This condition exists […]