Virtual Africa

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“When they had preached the gospel to that city and had made many disciples, they returned … strengthening the souls of the disciples, encouraging them to continue in the faith.” Acts 14:21-22

Our hearts are encouraged by seeing more in faith on the continent of Africa than ever before, even with pandemic restrictions which continue to complicate an already complex international landscape.

These past months, we have remained steadfast in our hope that COVID-19 would not devastate already fragile health support systems in the African nations where we minister. God has more than been faithful to answer prayer by allowing in-person ministry to continue in a host of nations including a recent ministry outreach in Chad. But how do we equip, support, encourage, and facilitate when we are so far away and unable to travel ourselves?

Enter our recent Africa Leadership Summit. This was a recent virtual gathering where our national Military Ministry Directors and other leaders in Africa gathered for just those purposes. This event turned out to be more than leveraging the possible ministry opportunities via virtual means. It was used by God to help us continue to bring the Good News of Christ in person to men and women in uniform.

The Lord used this virtual gathering to prepare our Chad Director, Marc Toingar, along with our Francophone and Cameroon Director, Augustin Tchenkoa, for an in-person outreach in Chad!

Taking the training received at the summit, the Spirit propelled these stalwart saints forward to navigate associated COVID restrictions, border transit requirements, and social distancing protocols to bring them before 21 Chadian military chaplains, including ten non-commissioned officers (NCO), nine officers, and two senior officers (Army, National and Nomadic Guard, Gendarmerie, Air Force, and Police officers).

A certificate ceremony drew a large number from all the Christian communities in N’djamena. Our Africa Area of Operations Director (AOD), Steve Cooper, Chaplain (Colonel), USA (Ret) shared, “Our hope was the Africa Leadership Summit would not only be a source of encouragement to those attending, but a catalyst on the continent for greater future engagement. With the help of the Holy Spirit, our dear brothers, Marc and Augustin, made that hope a reality!”

Marc reported that in the week-long training these men were equipped to better serve those in uniform, specifically those front-line and deployed units in need of their own encouragement and equipping with the Good News. Augustin brought 1,400 Gideon Bibles for distribution, furthering the spread of God’s message of salvation and infinite love among the African uniformed personnel. God is truly doing a great work in Africa!