Who Will? We Will!

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“And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”
Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.” Isaiah 6:8 (ESV)

Every day our nation and others around the world send our young military personnel into harm’s way.

All through recruitment, basic training, AIT and beyond, our servicemembers are trained how to be fit.

Fit to lead, fit to fight, fit to survive, and fit to uphold our constitution.

But who trains them for the greatest battle of all – how to be spiritually fit?

WE DO. Cru Military® and our key partners like you are dedicated to helping military personnel come to know Jesus. To live for Jesus. And share their faith in Jesus.

Every day, Cru Military is sending our young heroes into their world with the spiritual fitness tools they need to help ensure positive growth after exposure to the stress and trauma of combat.

And never has this been more needed than today. Recent events even right here in the U.S. magnify the need for God’s influence and stability in our society. And this holds especially true for our military members.

Romans 13:1-4 tells us that God has ordained our government to administer His justice in a fallen world. Our military is the government institution that protects us from evil from outside our borders. The police and our National Guard protect us from evil from within our borders.

And because they act at God’s discretion, it’s critically important that they have the spiritual tools necessary to perform their duties in God’s way, under God’s authority.
As we move into an uncertain and unforeseeable future, we are witnessing God working in tremendous ways to reach our service members.

Our new Spiritually Fit, Ready To Serve (SFRS) booklets are already showing an increased impact on our military personnel. Written specifically to speak to Gen Z military members, these books include our boldest Christian content ever. And they include a new approach geared toward both shame-based and fear-based cultures. Not only are we reaching more servicemembers than ever before, we’re also seeing their spouses and children coming to know Jesus as well!

Our small group attendance has exploded as more and more recruits and service members search for answers during these tumultuous times; and the same is true of our online platforms that are reaching churches, chaplains, and volunteers who partner with us to reach our service men and women with the gospel.

And now, select basic training locations are reopening their doors to us – and hopefully others shortly to follow – God is opening the floodgates to help turn our troops into His troops.
The battle is His – it’s simply our job to follow. And that’s what you and Cru Military are doing together.

Win. Build. Send.