Your Eternal Difference

Do you have a heart serve and minister to servicemembers and their families?

Have you ever thought, “I think I could do that” or “My church has wanted to do something for the military, but we don’t know how to start.”  You can do it and we want to challenge you to take action for the hearts and souls of our military and their families.

Others like you have started by simply showing love to the military in their area.

Here are a few ideas of how many have connected with the military and begun meaningful relationships:

  • Military celebration dinners
  • Host a dinner for an international who may be assigned to an installation nearby
  • Marriage events like Weekends to Remember or the Art of Marriage Bible study
  • Yellow Ribbon ceremonies to send off and welcome home deploying military
  • Offer your church facilities as a meeting place for the military and their families
  • Attend a military chapel service  
  • Assist with Vacation Bible School

 You can even begin in your neighborhood.  One of the greatest needs that people face today is “community”.  Consider using your living room to help meet that need through a military small group study.

We offer a free online resource to help get you started, click here to learn more.

See how the Lord can use you to impact warriors and their families for all eternity!