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Scars and Forgiveness

I have a collection of scars, some received through no fault of my own. Well, truth be told, nearly all of them could have been prevented. Like the one I just got from slicing my finger open on a can. The stitches are out but it still itches. The thing about scars is that they […]

Discerning God’s Will

What is God telling you to do? As you are praying about engaging the military in your midst, you may be wondering how to know what God is telling you to do? You don’t, after all, want to waste time and energy doing things that aren’t in line with His plan. We’ve gotten permission to reprint […]

Do I Need a Tattoo too?

The air in the room is blue, colored by the obscenity-laden talk from the group.  Arms and necks are decorated with tattoo art.  In fact, I am likely the only person in the group without a tattoo (although I’ve thought it would be funny to get a zipper pull tattooed at the top of the […]

Hope VS Wishful Thinking

“Is that present what I think it is? The box looks about the right size. I sure hope so. I’ve really been wanting it. It is hard to wait until I can open it.” “I hope I am selected for this new job.” “I hope my husband comes home safely from deployment.” “I hope my […]

Deployment Marriage Mobile

“Joe” was home again, having finished his deployment to Iraq. Everyone was very glad to have him home, but it wasn’t long before everyone was stressed and angry. You see, while he was deployed, “Jane” and the children had learned to share chores that Joe had always done around their small farm. Jane was managing […]

Shots in the Dark

Earlier this month I was awoken at 1:30 am to shouts and arguments on the street behind my house. I didn’t pay any attention until I heard POW, POW… POW POW POW. I looked out the back window and could see cars on the street and people yelling and running around. Then I heard my […]

Caring with Packages

For a number of years I sent care packages to the military personnel associated with members of my church – sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, in-laws. I tried to send a package every month. Some of the recipients were stationed in combat zones but others were in Europe or Okinawa or even as far away […]

Where Was God?

U.S. Green Beret among those killed in Afghan attack Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — Two Americans — one a Green Beret — were killed Monday when an assailant wearing an Afghan National Security Forces uniform opened fire on the group, U.S. and NATO’s International Security Assistance Force officials said.  Oscar Nominee Kirby Dick Speaks Out About […]