E-Kit: Video 2 — What?

This 18 minute video with teacher Jeff Struecker introduces what you can do and highlights what you, as believers in Jesus Christ, uniquely bring to the table… your faith in Christ. The video includes two “Take Five” breaks allowing you to pause the video and discuss what you have learned so far. Also included is the story of a wounded warrior, Gabe Garriga, and what one person did to help him find the truth of Christ. A clip from The JESUS Film® shows how one boy made his small resources available to meet the needs of over 5000 people.

Video 1 – Why?

Video 2 – What?

Video 3 – Cause

Video 4 – How? Part One

Video 5 – How? Part Two

Video 6 – How? Part Three

Video 7 – Conversation Between the Clarks and Presnals

Video 8 – Call to Action