How can I partner with you?


We partner with a number of great organizations – for-profit and not-for-profit. Select one of our three types of partnerships to learn more:


Financial partnership

Prayer partnership

Organizational partnerships


Who supports Cru Military?


Thousands of individuals and dozens of U.S. corporations, foundations and other organizations support Cru Military each year.


What does the name Cru in Cru Military mean?


Cru Military is a division of Cru. We are Cru’s military ministry. Internationally Cru Military is known as Military Ministry. Internationally Cru is known as Campus Crusade for Christ. Cru is not an acronym.


Where is Cru Military located?


We are a missionary organization with staff and volunteers serving all over the US and 38 countries.


How can I obtain an information packet on Cru Military?


Contact our Team.

Main phone number: 1-800-444-6006


Mailing address: Cru Military,  P.O. Box 206 Beaufort, SC 29901


Can I use the Cru Military name logo, stories, and or video to raise awareness of your work?


We are excited to work with you to raise awareness. Please contact us so we can work together.


Who should I contact if I am having technical difficulties with your website?


Please report errors to