How do I find out more about spiritual resources for PTSD that I can use at a Veterans group study in my church?


We have a number of great resources available for you. In the Resource Store you will find The Combat Trauma Healing Manual and When War Comes Home.  Plus you can view Cru Military recommended third party resources related to combat trauma/PTSD.


Can you tell me when and where marriage seminars (Weekend to Remember) are being held?


You can find the schedule for all the marriage seminars and events done by our partner ministry, Family Life, at You can learn more about those events that minister directly to military couples and possible scholarships at


Can I get any materials to help start a military ministry in my church?


Check out our Engage the military in your midst: Online Seminar (E-Kit). This free training series with downloadable resources will help your church understand more about ministering to the military in your area.


Are any of your resources available in Spanish or other languages?


We are sorry, but no. Not at this time.


Do you have any materials I can download to my Kindle/Nook/E-reader?


Our “Combat Trauma Healing Manual” and “When War Comes Home” are available on Amazon in the near future and we have other books in the works. Please check back here or at our Resource Store.