On a Quest

Military brat. These are words of honor, not disrespect. I grew up in a military family. Our frequent moves were normal for us kids. Didn’t everyone move every year or […]

Common Ground on a Big Stage

Divinely orchestrated encounter at chapel unites two warriors in enduring friendship I have often wondered how God might use me—a retired Army veteran, full-time staff member with Cru Military, and supporter […]

Deployed… but not alone

Is it possible that a couple separated by deployment could be considered a picture of the Christian faith? Where can I go from Your Spirit? Where can I flee from Your […]

Two Wars

A Chinook helicopter down. Surrounded by al-Qaeda. The ultimate fight for survival. Army Ranger hero, Nate Self tells the complete account of the battle he led in Afghanistan to rescue a […]

Deployment and Children

I can already sense the difference. I’ve been told that each deployment brings with it new challenges and that no two are the same. This time, I’m pretty sure, is going […]

Deployment Marriage Mobile

“Joe” was home again, having finished his deployment to Iraq. Everyone was very glad to have him home, but it wasn’t long before everyone was stressed and angry. You see, […]

Faith Deployed … Again

Vision Check “When Rob and I married, we chose the hymn ‘Be Thou My Vision’ to be played while we lit our unity candle. I had always loved the lyrics, […]

What happened to my husband?

Lauren’s Journal… “Where is my husband? Who is this man that they sent home to me? There must be some mistake! I pick up the morning paper and read the […]

Take the Deployment Dare

Have you read the book “The Love Dare” or watched the movie “Fireproof”? You may have had the thought, “What good is it to do ‘The Love Dare’ when we’re […]

You are NOT weak

If you are suffering from PTSD, every day can provide a new surge of fearful thoughts that threaten to shut you down and turn you into stone.  This condition exists […]