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Spiritual fitness and training for battle

Training for battle takes dedication, determination and support. The men and women who serve in the military know all too well what a difference good training makes. A solid foundation […]

Making a Spiritual Difference in the Fight

On Thursday, 5 February 2015, hundreds of Boko Haram terrorists attacked churches in Northern Cameroon from across the border region of Borneo in Nigeria.  We sincerely ask for prayer for […]

Support Your Local Chaplain

Expectations We’ve seen it in every chapel we’ve attended.  Whether our chaplains minister in operational units or the community chapel—or both—they are constantly faced with unrealistic expectations of those they […]

Defending the Military Marriage

Servicemen and women get top-notch training to complete their mission to defend life and liberty. But they sometimes find that they’re ill-equipped to complete the lifelong mission spelled out in […]