Ready to Retire?

  Retiring from the military can be a very challenging career move.  Whether you’ve served 20 or even up to 30 years, the time will come, and you might as […]

Where’s the Peace in the World Filled With Fear?

Story by: Rachel Ferchak Geckle, with Eric Coe ( I’m still worried. My dad is part of the population most vulnerable to the new coronavirus. He has a degenerative illness […]

The Importance of Community at Every Duty Station

If anyone can claim expertise at goodbyes it would have to be the members of a military family. They learn early on to say goodbye to one another due to […]

A Precious Window of Time

Lessons from Mogadishu and Other Battles Pastor Jeff Struecker is a former Army Ranger portrayed in the movie Black Hawk Down. He retired as a Chaplain after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  […]

It’s All About Relationships

“It’s all about relationships!”   You’ve probably heard that quote before.  But that statement has great meaning as Cru Military moves forward with a laser focus toward gospel-oriented ministry to […]

E-Kit Resources: Learn How to Share Your Faith

In the E-Kit Video Seminar we stress that the unique attribute that churches provide our military men and women is faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many […]

Practical Suggestions for Ministering to Combat Trauma Sufferers

Most of these suggestions come from combat veterans who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Others come from friends and family who love and care for […]

Started by Prayer

A simple prayer over a decade ago, “Lord, help us reach the internationals living right here among us,” launched a movement to international military members stationed in the United States. […]

Getting Connected

God created us for community, so no matter where we are, we need to get plugged into a group of believers whom we can serve shoulder to shoulder with, and […]

North Platte Canteen

This 7 minute video produced by Cru Military (formerly Military Ministry) was uploaded to YouTube in 2007. It is narrated by Dick Foth, who told the Canteen story live in […]