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Avoiding Friendly Fire

friend·ly fire /ˈfren(d)lē ˈfī(ə)r/ noun weapon fire coming from one’s own side, especially fire that causes accidental injury or death to one’s own forces There is nothing more heart-wrenching than the idea of “friendly fire”—when a man or woman is physically harmed unintentionally by someone on their own side. But a type of “friendly fire” […]

The Journey of a Joyful Nomad

Written by Karen Jacobs Being the new person in town, I want to curl up in a protective ball. (Insert dramatic sigh here.) It is that sinking feeling every time I have to fill out new patient paperwork, visit new churches, try out new hair salons (get scary haircuts), explain to people that we are […]

Significant Stressors for Military Families

Understanding the Needs of Military Families: Significant Stressors As we seek to support military families, we need to understand the unique challenges and stressors that differentiate them from non-military families. A recent Military Family Lifestyle Survey (MFLS) report by Blue Star Families revealed some of the main stressors that military families named as their biggest […]

Value as a Military Spouse

By: Amy Allender I entered life as a military spouse with great naivety. I expected deployments, but I didn’t expect the profound challenges the military lifestyle would present for my faith and self-worth. Twelve years ago, I was a newlywed, 22-year-old Air Force wife. The long hours my husband was putting in as a second […]

Our Promise of Financial Intergrity

Our Promise of Financial Integrity Credibility: Cru Military is the military ministry of Cru. All donations to Cru Military are handled and processed by Cru. Cru is a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and follows the highest ethical standards. You can also download a copy of our annual report. Security: You […]

K-Love Radio Interview

The mission “for us, specifically…it’s spiritual fitness,” says Dave Eatman, Marine veteran and Cru National Director. The ministry offers “discipleship, education and mentoring and encouragement to serve Christ well and walk with Christ well while in uniform.” Dave Eatman, National Director for Cru Military, recently had the chance to talk with K-Love radio about our calling […]

Veterans Day 2021

As a gift to you, download or read online the Spiritually Fit Ready to Serve Guidebook:  

From Our Interim Executive Directors

This video is our response to help give some spiritual perspective to what’s happening around the world, especially in Afghanistan. We felt led to send this message, as many are struggling to understand the current events we’re witnessing in Afghanistan, Haiti, and even in the United States. Join us and fervently pray for our military […]

Prayer Guide

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A National Transition

A New Calling On June 1, Steve & Carleene Myer stepped down as the National Directors of Cru Military to pursue other opportunities that God was calling them to within the ministry. They have passed the mantel to Dave & Laurie Eatman, who now serve as the new National Directors of the Military Ministry of […]