Love Your Chaplain

Chaplain? Father Mulcahy! For many, the only chaplain they’ve seen is Father Mulcahy on the TV show M.A.S.H. A kind-hearted, wise and faithful priest, he was a key supporting character. […]

Cancer and Deployment

Deployment. Here you go again. Or, maybe this is your first experience with a military separation. Regardless, the level of stress increases as you face this time apart. The uncertainty […]

Harambee in Marriage

Teamwork A sure formula for success in sports and in the workplace.  Teams that know how to collaborate and unite are most effective in reaching their objectives. Teamwork is also […]

Ghillie Suit

It all started with a question. Abby, the wife of a RECON Marine, asked, “Sherry, do you know how to sew?” Abby explained that her husband, Cody, had just been selected […]

He Said “Press”

I may never get it exactly what Your plan was when You took him home. And the pain remains For You made my wife’s heart to beat with my husband’s. […]

On a Quest

Military brat. These are words of honor, not disrespect. I grew up in a military family. Our frequent moves were normal for us kids. Didn’t everyone move every year or […]

Military Love Languages

There’s a big difference between being “in love” and truly loving your spouse. Being “in love” is a euphoric experience.  We’re emotionally obsessed with one another.  We feel we belong […]

I Want To Go Home!

“Oh Mom, I want to go Home!!” Three days after Jim and I exchanged our wedding vows, bits of rice and confetti could still be found in our clothing from […]

Who am I without him?

“Vinnie was gone from this life with us—gone. We were supposed to say, ‘I’ll see you later,’ but it sure felt like ‘good-bye’ to me… There was a short-lived crowd […]

Defending the Military Marriage

Servicemen and women get top-notch training to complete their mission to defend life and liberty. But they sometimes find that they’re ill-equipped to complete the lifelong mission spelled out in […]